The following is a non-profit fan-based spinoff. Minecraft: Story Mode is owned by Telltale Games and Mojang. Please support the official release!

Sorry for the bugs. I'll figure it out, eventually!


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This game is amazing!! Thank you for making it!

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You can thank me by pointing out your favorite part!

...Or whatever. Your gratitude is much appreciated, either way! thanks!

when relese date?

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I'm considering revamping the code to allow for full-on dialogue trees and party/inventory customization. These changes might make the overall development period run more smoothly. The big obstacle is figuring out if I want to go to all that trouble, as it could significantly alter the game-play (decisions may no longer be timed, etc.). Thank you for expressing an interest!

how can i download

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Can't be done, as of yet, but this might change in the full release! Thanks for showing interest!


Thank you.

not bad

You are a blessing.